Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's up: A Brief

Well it's been a while since my last post, and if you’re anxious for another lengthy diatribe I’ll apologize in advance. This will have to serve as an appetizer to the main course to come in a few days.

Courtney is doing well, going through a 3-day treatment of steroids a couple of months ago seemed to calm her latest symptoms, no more dizzy spells, the ataxia in her right hand is way better, and according to the neuro visit on Thursday her right leg is stronger than it was last visit (no surprise as she was having an exacerbation last visit).

About 6 weeks ago we found a new rent house which was just a few doors down from some really great friends, cut my drive to work in half, and put us about 15-20 minutes away from all our old college friends. After a month of packing and a couple of weeks of moving we finally are in the new house, mostly unpacked, and loving it! We’ve had more visits from friends in the last 2 weeks here at the new place than we did all of last year it seems…..kinda nice being closer to civilization again!

No news on the CCSVI front, we’re still on a waiting list for a Dr. As of now Court is back on the daily Copaxone shots, is doing her stretching exercises and riding the recumbent bike every day.

We’re doing well, loving life in the new house. Still have some unpacking to do, but once we get fully settled I’ll be back with regular posts for your edification.

BTW, we’re planning on having a house warming party/bbq on Saturday July 3rd. Any and all are welcome to drop by, just shoot me an email and I’ll send you the directions 